this is me, Cato,
the Norwegian
Yes, I am also a ham. I got my license back in 1957.
Since then I have been operating from:
Norway, lots of countries in Europe, as VU2CTO from India,
 and from Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Republic of South Africa, Israel, etc.

I was the first ever ham in Norway taking part in the JOTA (Jamboree on the Air)
And I am Scouter
and International
Gilwell trainer

I started my scouting back in 1947 in the Salvation Army scouts.
I am a prof.emeritus and have been working for WHO in East-Asia and for numerous other international organisations in the Middle East and Africa. I have also visited more than 600 cities all over the globe, and I have visited all continents.
I am a Salvationist, although not active, been a bandsman and a leader of the young peoples band.
Oslo III
la9pf-cato on Skype